Published 1 month, 1 week ago

Aside from this blog, the other "big" website I maintain is nanoURL, a relatively simple URL shortener with an emphasis on privacy and UX. Just like this blog, I also use nanoURL to test out new web design concepts.

Features of nanoURL
Ability to choose your own custom link (optional)Ability to delete shortened linksMultilingual support (English, Spanish, Korean and Russian)Multiple shortening domains to choose from ( and data collection

Feel free to use nanoURL to shorten any links! I plan to maintain it for years to come, and I also plan to add more shortening domains. In fact, I recently registered for this purpose. I thought it might be a fun novelty domain name people could use to send sketchy links to each other, but a friend pointed out that such a domain name might not be in great taste during a pandemic. However, I do plan to add it as another choice eventually.